How To Hire A Freelancer

3 Steps You Need To Take ASAP To Have The Perfect Hire

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Hiring a freelancer can be the best (or the worst) thing you do this week.

  • The good - the freelancer will exceed expectations. The results will move the needle for your business. You’ll make a lifelong friend.

  • The bad - the freelancer will deliver something wildly off what you expected. You’ll lose money. You’ll be stuck doing the work yourself.

Here are 3 steps to make sure it’s good.

Step 1: Seek social proof

Start with your network.

  • Ask colleagues if they have a freelancer they recommend.

  • Post your request on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • If you need a nudge - HERE are my personal recommendations.

*If you’re working within a large organization, I recommend starting with a partner to reduce the compliance and security risk. Reply here and I’ll point you to the right partner.

Step 2: Confirm proof of comparable success

Projects go off the rails mainly due to misalignment in what you will get, for how much, by when.

The ‘what’ column is the most problematic.

Overcome this by having a prior example or a comparable.

  • Example: If you need to design a deck, send comparable designs. If you don’t have one to compare to, Google Image search based off the theme you’re expecting.

Step 3: Start with an easy and low risk project

Start with something you can afford to lose.


  • $250 - market research, good and bad public sentiment around top 5 competitors

  • $350 - landing page for a concept or feature you’ve left on the shelf

  • $500 - presentation design for internal leadership deck

  • $500 - 5 email copy for outbound sales cadence

Need help? Reply with your need and I’ll help you find the perfect freelancer.

What To Look Forward To

  • Next Week: We’ll have a comprehensive overview of what the freelance economy? actually is

  • In 2 Weeks: We’ll cover why hiring freelancers needs to be part of your return to the office strategy

  • In 3 Weeks: We’ll cover how to work with top notch freelancers

Have a great rest of your week!

- Matt

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