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The Human Cloud is our generations greatest gift. It is ‘technically’ the technology powering digital, remote, project-based work.

Some call it the freelance economy, gig economy, platform economy, sharing economy, but it’s really just technology that brings the office from physical & full time (think ‘on prem’) to digital & remote. That’s it.

The Human Cloud = the office in the cloud

As a leader, the question is how will you apply the Human Cloud to your life, your business, and your own career?

That’s where we come in :)

Yes, we have a bunch of boring logo’s we’ve helped in our 25+ year career in this space.

But deeper than any logo, what drives us is the power of the Human Cloud to democratize and decentralize access to impact for leaders like you.

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About the Matthew’s

Matthew Mottola is a leading voice and entrepreneur. For over 10 years he's helped leaders embrace digital first talent models across enterprise and environments. He built Venture L, a venture backed SaaS platform helping freelancers scale from small gigs to a sustainable freelance career. He led the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit, a tech stack that over 100 enterprises used to scale their freelance programs. He’s a top 50 remote work expert to follow, spoken on 50+ stages including YPO’s Innovation Week, and featured in Forbes and Fortune to name a few.

Matthew Coatney brought advanced technologies to market in the fields of artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, data analytics, cloud computing, and digital content for organizations like Microsoft, IBM, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Pfizer, Deloitte, and HP.

About The Human Cloud

The Matthews thread together the most significant future of work trends of our time, offering a sharp and timely narrative that's equal parts human stories and actionable insights.  

- Lauren Razavi, award-winning writer and Google's former managing editor for the future of work

My neck is sore from the nodding and frequent laughter at the relatable situations I personally face as a corporate professional and CEO now working 100% in the cloud.

- Liza Rodewald, CEO/Founder Instant Teams

A Call to Action: The Human Cloud is the critical guide to our times.

- Stephanie Nadi Olson - Founder, We Are Rosie

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