#35: The Shift From Employee-to-Freelancer Is 10 Years Ahead of Schedule (and that's a good thing)

Some call it the "Great Resignation". Some call it people not wanting to work. The reality is a shift I didn't expect for the next 5-10 years.


This was an insane week.

Quick Stats

1: 700,000 white-collar workers (in the professional and business services sector) quit their job in May, a monthly record high.

2: Domino’s is offering a $500 signing bonus.

3: The younger generation is working the hardest we’ve seen since 1953.

What In The World Is Going On?

  1. It’s a really, really good time to be top talent.

  2. It’s a really, really tough time to be in business.

  3. It’s a really, really incredible time to be a leader.

Why #3?

As discussed in a prior Forbes article, the war for talent has been disrupted by top talent choosing to freelance over full time employment.

And for you as a leader, right now is analogous to when Bitcoin was below $10,000 in the war for talent.

If you can capture this globally distributed talent, you can create your next competitive moat by producing more, adjusting faster, and building a sustainable talent pipeline for the next 50 years.

And if you don’t? Start hanging out with this guy.

How Can You Be The Best Leader?

Start hiring freelancers for projects that’ll push your business forward. If you need a push, here are three use cases from fellow leaders.

  1. Launching a Media Company With 100+ Pieces of Original Content On Launch Day. wrkfrce launched with 100+ pieces of original content thanks to hiring 20+ freelance writers and 10+ freelance copy editors. As Jesse Chambers, prior Global Head of Premium Content Strategy at Verizon Media and VP of Monetization at AOL told me, “Efficiency has been a real thing for us, and freelancers provide an elastic, adaptive conveyor belt for producing content.”

  2. Taking a US Coffee Brand Global (stay tuned for full story) through hiring freelancers to build their global partnership presentation.

  3. Scaling a Real Estate Group by hiring freelance real estate agents and providing freelance resources for their agents. A good real estate group is built off good agents, and good agents are built by industry knowledge and resources to amplify their expertise.

To help you ctrl-c, ctrl-v your peers, here are the exact projects they hired freelancers for:

  • Weekly Market Research: $250 per report

  • Ghostwriter: $500 (per 1,200 word article)

  • Social Media Management: $1,000/month

  • 30 Second Animation Video: $2,500

  • Presentation Strategy and Design: $5,000

If you want to meet the exact freelancers, reply and highlight the project you’re interested in :)

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