Introducing the Top 50 Global Change Makers

Leaders making the remote freelance economy work for everyone

What does our world need more than ever right now?


We’re undergoing the largest transformation since we traded our shovels for a factory in the Industrial Revolution.

In the last year, we’ve seen glimpses of this.

  • We all learned most work can be done remotely

  • We all learned “safe” industries and jobs can be upended overnight

  • We all learned just how critical technology is to our livelihood

This is just the beginning. In the next 5 years, over half the workforce will be independent freelancers. 53% of Gen Z and 40% of millennials already freelance.

  • The Good: 51% of freelancers say no amount of money would entice them to take a traditional job.

  • The Bad: The ‘gig’ economy is broken. If current models persist, over 90% of freelancers will be unemployed (meaning they won’t have work). Yes, the math you just did in your head is terrifying.

Which is why we feel so blessed to release The Global 50 Change Makers List - leaders we need to collaborate with ASAP to create a better world.

Breaking Down The Top 50 Global Change Makers

All Change Makers on this list have one major thing in common: They create positive sum value through digital, remote and freelance technologies.

There are 3 buckets of Change Makers.

Freelancers - Remote independent experts working in the Human Cloud.

  • Like Sam Mason, ex-Tech Company VP In Cincinnati that edits, rewrites, and project manages cryptocurrency articles, legal documents, technical and financial books, blogs, how-to articles as well as fiction and self-help books.

  • Or Ofir Natan, ex-Intel senior software engineer in Israel that methodically builds quality software products from idea to continuous deployment.

All Freelancers

Leaders - Business leaders building and embracing the Human Cloud.

  • Like Liane Scult, Microsoft project manager who spearheaded Microsoft’s internal hiring of freelancers which led to Fortune 500 companies building their freelance program through Microsoft 365’s Freelance Toolkit.

  • Or Rafael Espinal, President of the Freelancers Union enabling freelancers national representation to fight for issues like healthcare, benefits, and the many other issues freelancers face daily.

All Leaders

Orgs - Companies building their business through the Human Cloud.

  • Like Paro, who matches businesses of all sizes and industries with the highest caliber, vetted financial analysts, CFOs, CPAs, and bookkeepers.

  • Or Freelance Founders, who gives top-tier freelancers access to business experts, exclusive job opportunities, and a network of like-minded people to build financially viable freelance businesses for the long-term.

All Orgs

Science Behind The Selection

There were over 500 individuals and organizations in consideration, and we were very, very careful to make sure this list adhered to 3 standards.

1: Proven positive impact.

We didn’t factor metrics like revenue or number of followers. We factored their impact on an individual unit basis.

2: Consistent, repeatable experience.

Don’t be impressed by their bio (we weren’t). We were impressed by their consistent long term impact, using references, personal experience and tangible outcomes to measure this.

3: Authenticity.

Sadly most awards are backdoor sales. To avoid this, these Changemakers didn’t even know they were nominated until they saw this article.

*There are other incredible unique individuals we missed or simply didn’t have enough data to validate. Let us know and we’ll do our due diligence!

Creating a Future of Work We Can All Be Proud Of

There’s something very unique about our space.

In getting our a** kicked in it the last 15 years collectively, we can honestly say no industry holds themselves more accountable to a uniquely shared vision of making work, work for everyone.

In the first chapter of the book we ask you to stop and ponder this before you keep reading:

Do I accept responsibility for the societal implications of gutting a system we’ve accepted as normal for the past 150 years?

The leaders on this list have unanimously answered YES.

We are SO PROUD of the individuals on this list, and we can’t wait to see how they propel the Human Cloud forward in 2021.

Meet the Top 50 Global Change Makers

*Need help finding the right freelancer? We know it can be daunting knowing who and what you need. We can help.

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