#50: Ever want to be a family nomad?

Inflation is roaring, the labor shortage isn't slowing down, but Chad McAllister completely flipped my view on what's possible as a digital nomad.

Here me out…although I fervently believe in remote work, I honestly thought the digital nomad trend was cute for immature influencers, but ridiculous for the majority of us who want a family and a good school system.

I know, I know…I sound like this:

BUT this episode with Chad McAllister really flipped my view. Without spoiling too much, Chad and his family lived out of an RV and…

  1. Still had a strong family life.

  2. Still succeeded mightily in product management, education, and media (check out his podcast Product Mastery Now!).

  3. Did this ALL before it was cool (and I think before we even had an iPhone?)

I hope you all enjoy!

Also some key updates we just can’t wait to tell you about until next week.

  1. Inflation is roaring. From employees receiving 10% inflation adjustment bonuses, to social security increasing 5.9%, the largest in 39 years.

  2. If you missed your flight, it’s not because of weather, it’s the labor shortage.

  3. Gitlab, a 100% remote company, goes public and jumps 35% in its Nasdaq debut.

    This sums it up….

Okay, have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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