#48: US Job Openings Hit Almost 11m, Remote Takes A Blow, What's a Decentralized Collective Action (DCA)?

Walmart plans to add 150,000 jobs. Target 100,000...should we tell them good luck with the labor shortage and great resignation?

Hold my beer…

Important Updates

  • 💩 US job openings increased to almost 11m in July.

  • 🚩 Walmart plans to hire 150,000 workers. They realize Dominoes is already giving a $500 signing bonus right?

  • 🤥 The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson says remote work lags behind the office in ‘soft work’ - mainly spontaneous relationship building. Strong challenge here…

  • 🧐 HBR weighs in on decentralized collective action (DCA), “a new form of collective labor activism tailored to the gig and creator economies”. Sounds cute for elite tech bubbles…but is it realistic for normal people?

  • 🤖 AI can now write its own code…Terrifying. Yet the New York Times says that’s a good thing.

  • 🤬 More than 60% of global ‘gig workers’ want to quit within a year. Only problem…this is yet another fluff piece of pooling every independent work arraignment into the ‘gig economy’ bucket, which is great for headlines but largely misleading in practice.

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