#46: The 'Great Wait' Costs Companies Millions, Microsoft Delays Office Indefinitely, Corporate Planning in a Post-COVID World

This week in the Human Cloud #46

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Important Updates

  • 🤬 The ‘Great Wait’ (companies delaying office returns) is costing companies millions. What if they just stopped waiting and started the embracing our remote first future?

  • The Great Resignation is having a significant adverse impact on women due to childcare demands and lack of access. Freelancing is one option, but why should women have to choose that path if they want a traditional career?

  • Remote workers get stuck in Siloes according to Microsoft study. Honestly not surprised…remote without the right infrastructure can be lonely, less creative, and lead to higher churn. Which is why for individuals and you leaders we recommend understanding and embracing the inevitable shift to the Human Cloud.

  • Microsoft delays HQ re-opening indefinitely. Pretty crazy since Microsoft just invested over billions of dollars in their HQ overhaul.

  • Hats off to NJ Governor hopeful Jack Ciattarelli for his Freedom For Freelancers pledge. Self employment is here to stay and leaders like you and Jack are ahead of the curve.

What You’ll Love In This Week’s Episode

  • Learning from Jeff Moss, CEO of the US’s largest student freelance platform Parker Dewey.

  • Hearing Matt C geek out over his love for budgeting, and how industry is budgeting for the Great Resignation deep into 2022.

  • Learning how outcomes are your secret weapon to stand out in a remote environment.

Freelancer Highlight: Kemal Avdovic, Brand Design & Strategy Freelancer

Kemal is the epitome of a leader driving outcomes at scale. We’ve been fortunate to see Kemal drive immense value helping clients with physical print design. Not only has Kemal been an incredible designer, he’s been incredible at client management. He’s never missed a deadline, is proactive with each client, has extreme attention to detail, and is an all around blast to work with.

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