#45: Surprise…your remote employees have two jobs at once, August job numbers disappoint, freelancing to fund your company

This week in the Human Cloud

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Important Updates

Why We NEED The Human Cloud: Family Tragedy

This past week I had to hop on a one-way flight to Boston within 24 hours.

If I had a traditional job I’d be worried about meetings and vacation policy (can I miss that important leadership review or take it virtual?).

Instead I quickly pinged my team and clients that I couldn’t be at our Friday meeting, and the team didn’t lose a beat.

*The team and clients were also overwhelmingly empathetic, a testament to how incredible relationships can be when both sides are choosing to work together.

SO why was the Human Cloud better at dealing with tragedy?

Outcomes. My team, my clients, and myself only care about outcomes. So when tragedy strikes, and I have to hop on a plane to Boston, the work adjusts to my situation, and our remote first workflow is adaptable to adjustments like this.

Stay tuned to next week’s episode where we’ll discuss in depth how this workflow is possible!

This Week’s Episode: Catch it on Apple Podcasts OR Spotify

We’re discussing:

  • Freelancing as a third way to fund your company. Instead of just VC or bootstrapping, freelancing forces you to find product-market fit before you invest $$$ into development.

  • Exact project examples with freelancers versus agencies.

  • Differences between freelancing in Europe and North America.

  • As always…the normal banter of an angry young person (Matt M) and wise old person (Matt C).

Freelancer Highlight: Tim Harroldson, Google Ads SEM & SEO Freelancer

Question of the Week: How are you funding your leadership? Are you unlocking corporate budgets? Are you raising venture capital? Are you using your own saved up $$?

Reply directly!

Me (in order of priority):

  1. Helping leaders drive product/marketing outcomes as a fractional CMO/PM.

  2. Helping policy and higher education leaders shape ethical models around the Human Cloud.

  3. Helping very select organizations build programs to tap into the Human Cloud.

  4. Early stage capital from angels.

Product Hack Of The Week: Sick of all those Zoom calls? Take a tup from Cartman.

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