The Year of the Freelancer
Can the technology powering Web 3 make freelancing a sustainable career path while empowering companies to grow with 80% freelancers?
What do Mariah Carey and the future of work have in common? Both are now in the Human Cloud!
Let's talk education, inflation, and talent while one of us sits in corporate and the other hides in a hotel game room.
As Change Makers rethink their relationship with work, flexibility and remote-first options look increasingly important.
Metaverse...LOL's, inflation, the rise of the worker, office space in the age of the metaverse, and how a green energy future just might tie into the f…
Spike in US (and global) inflation, the ongoing labor shortage and people opting out of crummy jobs, abundance vs scarcity mindset, and whether we shou…
In a world where inflation goes wild and airlines can't fly because of the labor shortage, how do you drive your business forward?
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